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Business support workshops in England

Need a new partner for business support workshops? Looking for partners to deliver business support workshops in England? Beyond Touch Ltd has got you covered! We have a range of workshops to help businesses in your area to level up their business skills. These workshops are designed to provide valuable insights and tools for businesses […]

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AI Workshop for Business – 8 out of 10!

An online AI workshop in Oxfordshire. On Tuesday morning, I delivered a comprehensive presentation on various aspects of artificial intelligence. It covered a broad range of topics, including the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, AI safety summits and the impact of AI on different professions and industries. I also had a whole section […]

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Navigating the Risks of AI in Business

In our modern age of rapid technological advancement, there’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as one of the most influential. From chatbots serving customers 24/7 to predictive analytics shaping our buying habits, AI is increasingly woven into the fabric of business. All the major tech companies are rapidly advancing their cloud services […]

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Celebrating a Decade of Business Success

A heartfelt thank you to our pillars of success On the occasion of our company’s 10th anniversary, we would like to extend our thanks to all those who have been involved in our journey. The achievements we have made in the last decade are a result of the support, dedication, and contributions of many individuals […]


Why a mobile-friendly site is crucial for you

Mobile friendly websites that are optimised. Mobile-friendly websites that use responsive web design typically have larger buttons and text for easy tapping, minimal scrolling, clickable elements and fast loading times. The are designed with mobile users in mind, providing a better mobile experience for smartphone users. Why is it important? In today’s highly technological world, […]


How Jiu Jitsu improved my Copywriting

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling-based, self-defence martial art and combat sport for those who are unfamiliar. So you’re probably wondering, ‘what on earth does that have to do with copywriting?’ On the surface, absolutely nothing. However, as I mentioned in last week’s blog, the power of copywriting occurs subconsciously, which is similar to the lessons […]

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Copywriting 101: The secrets of selling through the subtext…

What is copywriting? Although most people define copywriting as ‘using words to encourage an action’, a good copywriter does the majority of the persuasion through the subtext.  Nonetheless, despite its mysterious and secretive nature, this blog will demystify the art of copywriting and teach you everything you need to know about one of the world’s […]

Our Year in Numbers

We had a Great Year

In 2022 we have supported 362 businesses, 450 people, nine Councils, four Local Enterprise Partnerships, four Growth Hubs, and five government agencies with training, guidance, and project governance. This totals over 2000 hours of direct business support online and in person across the whole of the UK. And we have loved every minute of it! We have helped […]

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Five Forces to Rule Them All

Porter’s Five Forces is possibly one of the most common business models used as part of a marketing manager’s toolkit. This framework was first published in Harvard Business Review in 1979, by its author, Michale E. Porter of Harvard Business School. The tool helps you to analyse the competitive environment in which you operate. The five forces […]


4 Quadrants of Employee Engagement in 2023

Developing your teams and monitoring their individual performance are critical components in managing a successful enterprise. Ultimately you want the best for your teams in terms of workplace wellbeing and the best from them in terms of workplace effectiveness. World class organisations aspire to have a high quotient in both of these areas. The symbiosis of staff morale […]