6 Ways to Make an Impact in 2021

We are going through challenging times, at Beyond we believe that planning for the future is the best way to keep the momentum in your business. This is why we have 6 ways to help your business. Business compliance improves standards Through the implementation, certification, and sustainability services our clients benefit from improved health & safety […]


3 Key Factors in Business Transformation

Business Transformation This is very much a buzz phrase, whether working with blue-chip, third sector, education or SMEs, I’m hearing senior leadership teams reaching out for advice and to gain a greater understanding of what BT means for them. In simple terms, we are talking about the re-alignment of an organisations staff, activities and business […]

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10 Boxes That Could Change Your Business Forever

Some time ago I delivered a presentation to 75 business owners in Buckinghamshire. The theme of the event was Focus on Funding and aimed to empower small business owners with a suite of tools that could help them take big ideas from concept through to their respective marketplaces. I populated a BMC (Business Model Canvas) with […]


18 Ways to Improve Business Performance

18 Key Things For your Business and Your Customer’s Business   I have read on many occasions peoples views on the best way to determine the level of service quality within a given enterprise. As early as 1976 Swan and Combs (1976) postulated that: “consumers judge products on a limited set of attributes, some of […]


Case Study – Using 3D Modelling to Assist Factory Layout Design

The Situation: An Oxfordshire based technology manufacturer developed a new product rage, with initial market interest suggesting they would need to double their productive capacity within 12 months to meet demand, while maintaining output of their established product lines. We worked with the company to plan the new layout, increasing the space allocated to production, […]

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ISO 9001:2015 – What you need to know

September 2015 saw the publication of ISO 9001:2015 – the latest iteration of the world’s leading Quality Management System.   If your organisation has been enjoying the benefits of ISO 9001:2008 for some time, these are the 3 big changes you need to know;   Annex SL – by far the biggest change to the […]


PDCA for ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 brought in a game changer with a shift in focus to PDCA at the core of its Quality Management architecture. For those with a background in Lean Manufacturing, this is great news. For others, this raises two very important questions: What is PDCA? How will PDCA help my business? What is PDCA? PDCA […]

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Continuous Improvement – When Self-Service Gets Lean

Lean process improvement is a business practice that is centred on creating the most amount of value for the end customer, whilst eliminating wasteful use of resources in the process. In this article, Graeme Laws discusses the origins and application of lean manufacturing, in the context of his experience within the Customer Engagement Technology industry. […]