Case Study – Using 3D Modelling to Assist Factory Layout Design

The Situation:

An Oxfordshire based technology manufacturer developed a new product rage, with initial market interest suggesting they would need to double their productive capacity within 12 months to meet demand, while maintaining output of their established product lines.

We worked with the company to plan the new layout, increasing the space allocated to production, and making better use of the space they already had. While the general layout was decided, precise details of each area needed to be agreed upon for work benches to be ordered, builders to be commissions to knock down and build walls, etc. We wanted to ensure the team on the workshop floor were able to fully understand their new working environment ahead of time, allowing they to provide critical insight and enhancements to the layouts we had proposed.

The Problem:

Due to the nature of the product manufactured needing a lot of space to be manoeuvred, a typical top-down 2D plan was insufficient to demonstrate what the new working environment would look like and, more importantly, whether it would be fit for purpose.

The Solution:

We used an entry level 3D modelling tool, Sketchup, to put together a rudimentary 3D model of the current state, using accurate dimensions of block objects surfaced with photos of the area to add a sense of scale and familiarity. The next step was to build a 3D model of the proposed layout, including detailed models of proposed workstations, storage solutions and machine tools.

This approach allowed the team on the shop floor to examine and interrogate the layout before costly works were carried out. This process unveiled some issues that could be addressed ahead of time with small tweaks in the planning stage.


Due to the level of detail we were able to add to the design, the client was able to commission bespoke wooden workstations that exactly met the requirements of the environment for half the cost of buying best fit, off the shelf solutions.


Get in touch to find out more about 3D modelling your factory ahead of a move or re-design.

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